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First day of the higher parking/metro rates to get from the outskirts in to D.C. Also the first day of what for most will be a full work week, something most folks in this town haven’t had since before Christmas. So, I came early to beat the crowds…only to find that I  had the easiest time finding a parking place since summer and had an empty seat next to me most of the way in — unheard of usually.

 Hmmm…was it cause and effect of the rate increases? Were people sleeping in longer or taking one last day off before weeks of no holidays appeared on the horizon? Or was it the fact that the weather was predicted to be in the 60’s, and in fact is 68 degrees at this moment.

As for the latter impact, I just came back from walking at lunch. Within minutes I had my coat off and on the 7th of Jan in Wash DC, actually got a bit of a sunburn. Went past Lafayette Park, beyond & around the White House, back to the office, about 40 minutes of serious people watching.

 I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed all those wonderful bodies being flaunted in the sun. Of course at this time of year, only those men with the best abs were showing off, but that worked for me. The rest were dressed in the drab work clothes (black, black everywhere) that denotes “city professionals”, showing a lot more of the effects of holiday treats than we realized. Women runners were in evidence too, but most seemed to be T-shirt covered, wonder if showing pale skin was a worry. In some respects, DC is like LA, there’s a lot of judgement based on how you look.

Security higher than normal. Maybe the lure of the sun was as strong for them as well — or what’s in the news causing higher alerts — or maybe the “man” was about to be on the move. When that’s the case, everything gets tightened down and the locals start complaining how you just can’t move in this #$*& town when the P’s being transported.

Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be even higher. Maybe even a T-shirt for me?!

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