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World traveller who's enjoying my first very own backyard. Adventures around every corner and in D.C., political, fun, or meaningful ones can be had even for those who are "White House Outsiders". Born in Washington D.C., I lived here briefly before heading off to Columbia to spend three years in Bogota. From an English/Irish background, I ended up speaking Spanish as my first language and apparently was traumatized upon returning to the States and being forced to learn English - or so I told my High School Spanish teacher upon flunking Spanish... I returned to living in Chevy Chase, MD during my grammer school years before the next move found us yet again elsewhere (do you catch the "Army brat" theme here). At one point I earned a degree (with honors) in International Relations and promptly went to work helping juvenile delinquents. Many years later, after living in lovely San Francisco and traveling constantly around the world for the non-profit association I worked for (doing conferences, educational sessions, speaking), I have again returned to Washington D.C. to live and work. My entire professional life has found me working for non-profits. I work in the association community, earned my CAE, and recently authored the chapter, Membership Communications, in the ASAE book, "Membership Essentials". I currently am the Director of Membership in AAUW, (100,000 members) and make a point of posting on our blog at least once a week (http://blog-aauw.org/). I started this Washingtonian Outsider blog as an experiment in 2007 and switched to blogging for AAUW. Now that I have gained experience, I realized that I really need to return to my own blogging world to unleash my opinions or other uncensored thoughts or actions. I also have become an avid Twitterer, you can catch me on @christytj, am on Facebook and represent AAUW in SecondLife. These new social media vehicles allow us (the global "us") enhanced methods for interconnection, maybe it'll help make this community "ours" too.

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