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Exploring this old/new world of social media, I’m finding numerous points of view around the pros and cons of a newish tool like twitter. Maureen Dowd of the NYTimes wrote of an interview she had with the inventors of Twitter, one of them Biz Stone.  I found myself chuckling at her attempt to belittle this new medium and loving Biz’s answers, the last in particular when she asks,

ME: I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert, have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?

BIZ: Well, when you do find yourself in that position, you’re gonna want Twitter. You might want to type out the message “Help.”

I learned of a new Twitter application (apparently there are thousands), Tweetmeme which shows you at any given time, which are the most popular tweets. Low and behold there was a tweet with a link to a response to Dowds NYTime article, from Bldg/Blog, an architectural based blogger who wrote, “In defense of how the other half writes, in defense of twitter.” So within a matter of hours of Dowd’s article, there was a full blown response from an unexpected audience (architects), that is making it’s way around the world via Tweetmeme.  Hmmm.. makes you get a sense of the power behind the tweet.

A tweeter (@real1) listed interesting links to news tweets that give news before it makes the headlines, including @cnnbrk, and @breakingnews. I like @fastcompany, @anncurry, @nytimeskristoff, and @greenbizdaily. As to other types of tweets, yes, I’m now following @oprah like millions of other people and also enjoy @aauw and @punditmom for information impacting women and girls; @cynthiadamour and @pinnovation for association leaders; @pattyhankins for great photography info; and @mashable for social media info. And these are just from being on twitter for a very short time.  There are thousands of twitterers  now and more to come, keeping up with them all is the real question.

Even in the short time I’ve been tweeting (@christytj) or following news or personal tweets, I find access to information I’m interested in but didn’t have to search for has multiplied exponentially. And that’s a good thing.

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Having just come back from a fascinating Digita Now Conference, I’m all hyped up about using the Internet and its tools to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, members of my Association (AAUW), and even strangers – folks whom I don’t know but whom might enjoy reading something I’ve written.

Renewed energy finds me sitting down, getting comfy, fingers at the ready and then a giant pause as I realize if I do indeed use all those new communicating tools, I’ll be at my desk for hours before tackling my as they say in Second Life, my Real Life work.

Hmmm… Posting blogs, commenting on others blogs, twittering (at least 10-12 times a day to keep/get a following), Ninging (is there such a word?!), Evernoting (brand new), PageFlakes (new to me), setting up shop as part of the nonprofit community in SecondLife, Facebook, and of course what takes most of our online lives, email. How do you manage all of these?? As a writer, as a reader, as a professional?

By the time you realize that you have just started learning about social media, and the Digital Now conference taught me that with it’s #dn09 twitter code which found me turning into a twitterfiend, you realize that you need to figure out a way to manage all of these. And that’s just you the individual. Combine it with you the professional, you realize you need to know how to get the most out of these to help promote your mission, your product, your information.

Real life you ask? The family and friend stuff, , the chores, the phone calls and emails – the office, with its own phone calls, emails, and meetings that never end no matter how much you communicate via online tools. And sleep, we’re supposed to have at least seven hours of that somewhere in any given day.

One thing no one has yet figured out? How to make 48 hours a day worth of “to do’s” fit into 24 hours and still leave you sane. Please – any hints, let me know!

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I’ve been on the conservation bandwagon since I was in high school and was appointed as the the young rep for the “Mayor’s Conservation Committee”. Not ancient, but long enough ago that I can’t even remember the mayor’s name…oops. Meanwhile, just learned that the “greenbizdaily” twitter folks signed up to follow my little ol’ twitter log, and since I’ve just started tweeting, I have to wonder how they found me.

Suppose it’s like anything on the web these, the mention of any topic in your profile, in a blog post, etc., can be searched, found and in this case followed. Fortunately, I am glad they found me and now I them (yes, I’m now following greenbizdaily too). Looking at their tweets, I encourage you, if at all interested in things “green” to look them over and sign-up. Just in the few minutes of browsing, I found several good suggestions of things to do around the home to save energy, for example.

New to twittering? I did do an earlier blog post, Twitter, Tweet, Twit, that provides some good links to explanations and “how to’s”. I wonder, just as I get into tweeting, what media vehicle is coming up fast behind me, catching me unawares as folks switch from tweeting to ???

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Inauguration Count Down 6 Days left

Who knew? Bush is planning on having a 15 minute Farewell speech on Thurs, in front of a live audience of “courageous” Americans. One wonders who these courageous individuals are (no list provided). Probably current or former Bush appointees (loyalty in his case equals courage), those who are told to be there (military personnel ), and die-hard Republicans.

There’s a interesting CNN piece about the Farewell where they asked people to let them know what they’d like Bush to say. There’s a big difference between what Bush will say and what we’d like him to say. As for me, I’d like an apology to all the real courageous Americans who didn’t take matters in their own hands to oust him years ago, but waited for a democratic method of removal. I’m just sorry the reality of Bush didn’t hit people during the previous election four years ago.

As I join the millions around the world eagerly awaiting Bush’s Farewell, I want to also highlight who might possibly be the next Republican Presidential candidate if rumors are correct, Sarah Palin. Her complaints of “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie” aside, she scares me.

We have a tough four years ahead of us that will make some folks unhappy as they have to adjust their previous lifestyle to accomodate the needs of others. I don’t want her “like one of us” persona certain groups identify with to overshadow common sense, a Palin future is even worse than a Bush past.

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I post blogs almost daily, whether for this, my personal blog or for work. I often find material from online news articles or youtube or even other bloggers. I always give credit to the source, often even providing links and appreciate the ability this form of communication gives to highlighting the work of others.

Recently, I’ve had the experience of finding someone (or actually two someones as it has happened twice now) actually cribbing directly from one of my posts and putting it up as their own. They even included the sources I had researched, so it was clear it was not a generic piece, and of course being able to trace their link back via WordPress allowed me to discover what they had done  in the first place.

Somewhat new to blog posting, I find this practice outrageous! I consider it “stealing” unless credit is given. I’m not opposed to linking, or even sharing the info, just credit the source. I’d love to hear if anyone can tell me the accepted practices in this blog world or show me links to anything that would help explain what’s the standard.

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