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November 1st and it’s a gorgeous Saturday. I’ve a set of chores to do and of course immediately fell into reading a totally non-important book. Then with all the best of intentions, I set off to do my chores..but wait, my laptop is calling and I “need” to quickly browse emails, news headlines and a few new sites before I get down to the necessary tasks ahead. And that’s when I discovered that November is the National Novel Writing Month. By happenstance I found the NaNoWrMo website  and there is a challenge to write every day in Nov, for a total of 50,000 words by the end of the month.

Hmmmm. I’ve always talked about writing “a book” and starting blog writing again has helped get into the groove of putting something down almost daily. But a book? A novel? A story that actually would make sense 50,000 words later? It’s been years since I’ve taken any non-business writing class, what are all those things you are supposed to build – plots, subplots, characters, twists, turns, climaxes, intrigues, the right grammar, syntax, and all those other words I always misspelled to the despair of any teacher (yes, pre-computer days)??

Well, I claim I always work best under pressure, so here goes. No, back-up… think I’ll use a different medium rather than this blog for the daily writing, but I promise, if I finish (have to be honest here, 50,000 in one month?!), and think it’s the least bit interesting, I’ll post it when done. And good luck to anyone who takes up the challenge too!

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