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An American journalist was sentenced to 8 years in jail for espionage in Iran.  Top story today in CNN . White House issues a “cautious” statement.

If you twitter (or if you just want to learn more) , go to http://twitter.com/FreeRoxana and show your support to Free Roxana. I learned from NYTimes Nicholas Kristof and Ann Curry of NBC.  NPR has an interview with her father.

Let’s use this viral social networking ability of ours and spread the word, let’s build a groundswell and get our voices heard on her behalf!


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Inauguration Count Down 6 Days left

Who knew? Bush is planning on having a 15 minute Farewell speech on Thurs, in front of a live audience of “courageous” Americans. One wonders who these courageous individuals are (no list provided). Probably current or former Bush appointees (loyalty in his case equals courage), those who are told to be there (military personnel ), and die-hard Republicans.

There’s a interesting CNN piece about the Farewell where they asked people to let them know what they’d like Bush to say. There’s a big difference between what Bush will say and what we’d like him to say. As for me, I’d like an apology to all the real courageous Americans who didn’t take matters in their own hands to oust him years ago, but waited for a democratic method of removal. I’m just sorry the reality of Bush didn’t hit people during the previous election four years ago.

As I join the millions around the world eagerly awaiting Bush’s Farewell, I want to also highlight who might possibly be the next Republican Presidential candidate if rumors are correct, Sarah Palin. Her complaints of “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie” aside, she scares me.

We have a tough four years ahead of us that will make some folks unhappy as they have to adjust their previous lifestyle to accomodate the needs of others. I don’t want her “like one of us” persona certain groups identify with to overshadow common sense, a Palin future is even worse than a Bush past.

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