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The latest headlines, “Recession Hits Social Security Hard,” are just that, the latest headlines. We’ve all been reading for years of the trouble Social Security and Medicare are facing and that long term solutions should “start now”. I was in my twenty’s the first time I read about this – I only remember because I laughed, with a Murphy’s Law cynicism, the news predicted at that time it would run out the same year I turned 65.

I’m not laughing now. Since then I’ve learned that women only make 78 cents to the dollar a man makes and one of the biggest area that impacts women is their retirement years. It used to be thought (and still is depending upon whom you talk with), “that’s ok, a woman will live off her husband’s pension anyway.”  Given the current economy, one feels like asking, “what pension?” And if a woman is single, unless she started (or starts) financial planning early, well, let’s just say, YIKES!

So when years later, I hear that Social Security and its companion, Medicare, are in trouble, I hope that this time someone will listen. The fact that the recession has only added to its woes compounds the bigger issue of preparedness. And the impact on women extends to their families, for obvious reasons.

For decades, the government seems to have been ignoring its own warning signs. Just as equally, people haven’t been preparing enough. I hope the current government in Washington has the ability to not just put a band-aide on the wound, but to gather our community focus – government, corporations, small businesses, everyone of us – on solving the real issues now, for my future, for your future and for the next generations to come.


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What type are you — the kind that makes resolutions and sticks to them? Thinks about resolutions and wishes you could keep them? Gave up making resolutions years ago but revisit the idea of it annually at least? Or never even thinks about resolutions at any time of the year.

Me? I tip more to a mut vs pure bred approach to resolutions. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I even keep them, more often I pause on New Year’s to think about making them but generally, I forget about the whole thing by the 2nd of Jan, well except for the eat better/exercise more one that fritters in and out of existence all year long.

Given the state of the world, maybe it’s time to revisit resolutions again, except look at what one promises “to do better” with in a different way. There are enough personal issues that are much more “in your face” then previously, especially given that the economic situation is hitting most of us in a way rarely experienced except sporadically. What are resolutions when trying to keeping a roof over our heads?

When I read the headlines “worst since 1931” being the latest, I know we all need to do something, but damned if I have a prescription, for myself, let alone the country or beyond. We did take a major step in voting for “change” and all of our fingers are crossed that Obama and our Congress will come with the intelligence and strength of character to lead us down the path of promises that make sense, even if painful, and promises that are kept which help most of us, not just a few.

Will corporations make resolutions to become the ethical entities they need to be? Will the government resolve not to loose itself in administrivia, contract boondogles or public policies that are reactionary vs proactive? Will parents and our educational system take a look at what else they need to focus on to make the next generations healthier, less greedy, more compassionate and generous? 

My resolutions for the New Year? I’m still thinking, these are ones that may be the most meaningful of my generation yet.  Have you made any?

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Saw a little feature on MSNBC about “office creepers” this morning. Apparently this name refers to those individuals who go into office buildings, past security (easily enough it seems) and steal mainly wallets, purses and laptops from offices. The story mentioned that a sister station in Dallas Texas first reported the story and so I went hunting on the Internet and found the Dallas News version.

I’ve worked in offices my entire professional life, from small ones in the country to those in big city high-rises. Common sense seems to be the missing element for most who are robbed, why leave a purse, wallet or laptop unattended anywhere? In the news stories, it’s those that are easily lifted that disappear. And if everyone in your office has a laptop on their desk, then security should be in place to cover those. A friend’s office uses a simple and relatively inexpensive lock on the laptop to the desktop that seems to work.

We know we can’t be vigilant all the time, but at least it helps to make an effort. So ended the story in my mind at least, until I read the comments of the Dallas News story. One simply stated, “Damn liberals in government.” Hmmm… Do they think it’s Liberals stealing? Or those in government? Or how about it’s the fault of the Liberals in government that people steal? Given that we have had so few Liberals in government these past years, it’s an interesting speculation.

Speaking of creepy…as I passed the Park Police station along Beach Road in Rock Creek Park this morning, I noticed a blown up Santa with sliegh on their rooftop. Next to it was a police officer (yes, also the plastic version). Going the 25mph speed limit, I could only get a quick look and it appeared the cop was arresting Santa. Maybe it’s those conservatives in government that are to blame for that scenario . .. sorry, couldn’t resist. . .

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