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Who? Until this morning I had never heard of Susan Boyle and normally wouldn’t have paused on her story. But I happened to catch a YouTube performance of this 47 year old, “never been kissed” woman from a little village in England and it definitely made me not only pause, but smile and laugh and then left me with a heartwarming grin.  Of all things, she was a contestant on the UK version of “…Got Talent”.

Well worth the watch, turn the sound up when she gets going.

UPDATE: Since I linked to this YouTube video this morning, they have since removed all links, don’t know who “requested” it….can guess and hope Susan gets a bit of the profits. But you can still see, through this link Susan via YouTube  not the video below – go watch, listen!

Good luck to you Susan, may your 15 minutes of fame turn into something you want.


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