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My family still teases me for getting a tear in my eye at some commercials (yes, guilty), and my niece still remembers how I cried when I took her to see the dinosaur flick, Land Before Time, years ago. So it was no wonder that it was a Kleenex moment when I watched the Elizabeth Edwards interview on the Today Show this morning as Matt Lauer talked with her about the publication of her new book Resilience.  

The book focuses on her continuing experience as a cancer survivor and of course, being the wife of former N.C. Senator & VP Candidate, John Edwards, most recently known for his admitted affair.  Others will talk about the “affair”, it was her own story that caught my eye. It was the story of the loss of her father, of her 16 year old son, of her battle with cancer, of the joys of her other children, that made me bring out the Kleenex brigade.

And it was the story of how she wants to take her youngest daughter on a trip with her (her daughter’s one wish). Knowing she can’t “handle luggage and an 11 year old” on her own now, Elizabeth said she was thinking of taking a tour. Hearing that, off popped the memory lightbulb as I remember my own sister in the same cancer battle, trying to set up a tour so that she might take her young daughter on a trip as well. 

The final “big” trip didn’t happen, but my sister did create many loving memories that will carry through the years and listening to the interview this morning, I applaud Elizabeth Edwards and all like her who are making the effort to do the same for their child. It’s off to the bookstore at lunch today to get Resilience and to get inspired — inspired with tissues in hand admittedly.


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I couldn’t help but feel for Louis Pullen who lost nine members of his family in the recent Butte Montana plane crash, from a total of 14 who died. Watching the Today Show this morning and learning of the family’s loss made me realize I couldn’t even imagine the extent of the pain they must be feeling.

During the story this morning, they spoke of the close knit bond between the families who were on their way to take a vacation. Most of us can relate to having a group of friends, whether as family from childhood, or friends from school or work. To be together, to have fun together is the way it is supposed to be, not to die in a horrible tragedy as this.

I know the authorities are looking for “causes” right now and I hope others will learn from the mistakes made here. But for right now, I’d like to pay tribute to those families and wish the best for those who are bearing the pain of loss. 

In tribute:

Erin and Amy Jacobson of St. Helena, Calif., and their children Taylor, 4; Ava, 3; Jude, 1, 

Michael and Vanessa Pullen of Lodi, Calif. and their children Sydney, 9, and Christopher, 7.

Brent and Kristen Ching, of Durham, Calif., and their children, Heyley, 5 and Caleb, 4.

I know we hear of continual street violence taking life after life; large accidents taking the lives of many; or even acts of war which ultimately take thousands. Evening after evening of such news, you almost become deaf to tragedy unless it’s your own. This time the idea of so much loss in one family made this story stand out, but doesn’t negate the others who don’t get such press time. I feel it important to also give tribute to those families impacted by such tragedy but who never make the news, are never interviewed, written about or even recognized.  While the words are inadequate, the feeling is there – I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Inauguration Count Down, 7 days left

Well, as the intro said in the MSNBC YouTube video below, to paraphrase the 19862 farewell of Richard Nixon, “You won’t have Bush to kick around any more”. Thus opens the coverage of the last official Press Briefing help by the current president. It’ll make you shake your head, laugh and groan, all within minutes. If you haven’t seen it, take a look:

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Watching an interview with one of the co-writers (Todd Purdum) of  the new Vanity Fair article, “Farewell to all that: an oral history of the Bush administration“, on the Today Show, I had to start shaking my head once again. Purdum mentions that one of Bush’s staff apparently stated something to the effect that “Bush is not a rear-window kind-of-a-guy” when referring to what Bush thinks of his legacy. Apparently Bush is not worried about short-term history, banking what will be considered his true legacy on the writings of historians many years down the road.

Well isn’t that nice. Would I be able to look at my string of mistakes, albeit without the width, depth, devastation and other attributes of Bush’s, and say, gee, I’m not worried about looking back at them, I’m just looking forward. Implied in that thought process is no sense of making amends, correcting errors, apologizing, or even acknowledging the mistakes themselves. Well, those of us (most of the world) have already started feeling the impact of Bush’s decisions now and who knows how worse the ripples may be felt “down the road”. We don’t have the luxury to wait to see how others analysize these times in the following generations. And somehow, I don’t think the reviews will be better. 

The article does say Bush takes pride in his “improvements” in the field of education. His “no child left behind” campaign did more harm then good, if you listen to those in the actual job of educating our children. And what about the virginity pledge approach to sex education among teens? A study just released showed those who took the pledge actually had just as much pre-marital sex as “non-pledge” teens, but used fewer measures to protect themselves from disease or pregnancy. The fact that the U.S. government has used millions in federal money for such “Abstinence Only” programs makes this at the very minimum, ironic in terms of Bush’s legacy.

In our rear window, we’ve got several wars, an economic disaster and other legacy issues the current president has left behind. So, maybe it’s best if we leave Mr. Bush alone, watching “Rear Window” with rose colored glasses.

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It wasn’t so long ago that flaunting name-brand items was the thing to do. I used to go often to the Asia-Pacific region for work and received many requests when in Korea or Hong Kong in particular, to buy such items, at shall we say, a less inexpensive price. As someone who’s not into name-brands myself, they soon tired of asking me since I couldn’t recognize a Prada bag from a brown bag.

Speaking of bags, a little news clip on the Today Show talked about Kathleen Fuld, wife of Richard Fuld who has been blamed for putting Lehman Brothers into Bankruptcy. Kathleen, so the story goes, has apparently spent $5,000 – $10,000 (US) a week in a Hermes boutique on Madison Ave. She then refused the regular signature shopping bag for a “plain white one”.

One could argue she has an addiction and now that is has been recognized, she will be going to re-hab. Remember the “twinkie defense” presented by Dan White to excuse his assignation of Governor Harvey Milk of San Francisco? Or how about the recent case of the 17 year old Ohio guy who blamed a Halo 3 game addiction for shooting his parents? “Shoppers Defense” – now there’s an excuse to cover a wide range of activities, from shop-lifting to absenteeism, to ruining the economy from either too much spending, or too little oversight — wait though, isn’t that the “Congress Defense”?

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Saw a little feature on MSNBC about “office creepers” this morning. Apparently this name refers to those individuals who go into office buildings, past security (easily enough it seems) and steal mainly wallets, purses and laptops from offices. The story mentioned that a sister station in Dallas Texas first reported the story and so I went hunting on the Internet and found the Dallas News version.

I’ve worked in offices my entire professional life, from small ones in the country to those in big city high-rises. Common sense seems to be the missing element for most who are robbed, why leave a purse, wallet or laptop unattended anywhere? In the news stories, it’s those that are easily lifted that disappear. And if everyone in your office has a laptop on their desk, then security should be in place to cover those. A friend’s office uses a simple and relatively inexpensive lock on the laptop to the desktop that seems to work.

We know we can’t be vigilant all the time, but at least it helps to make an effort. So ended the story in my mind at least, until I read the comments of the Dallas News story. One simply stated, “Damn liberals in government.” Hmmm… Do they think it’s Liberals stealing? Or those in government? Or how about it’s the fault of the Liberals in government that people steal? Given that we have had so few Liberals in government these past years, it’s an interesting speculation.

Speaking of creepy…as I passed the Park Police station along Beach Road in Rock Creek Park this morning, I noticed a blown up Santa with sliegh on their rooftop. Next to it was a police officer (yes, also the plastic version). Going the 25mph speed limit, I could only get a quick look and it appeared the cop was arresting Santa. Maybe it’s those conservatives in government that are to blame for that scenario . .. sorry, couldn’t resist. . .

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